Zero-Day Research: CVE-2023-48024 and CVE-2023-48025

Striking a harmonious balance between high-level abstraction and low-level hardware control, the C programming language proves to[…]

Zero-Day Research: ehttp Use-after-Free and Out-of-Bounds Read

The ehttp library advertises itself as a ‘simple HTTP server based on epoll’. The primary goal of[…]

Zero-Day Research: CVE-2022-41220 md2roff Version 1.9 Buffer Overflow

After multiple rounds of fuzz testing, I discovered that md2roff version 1.9 suffered from a stack buffer[…]

Zero-Day Research: PicoC Version 3.2.2 Null Pointer Dereference (CVE-2022-34556) Speedrun

PicoC is a miniature code interpreter developed for C scripting. According to their documentation, PicoC was first[…]

Zero-Day Research: md2roff Version 1.7 Buffer Overflow (CVE-2022-34913)

The best part about security research is the myriad of ways you can find bugs. Sometimes bugs[…]

HackTheBox: Baby Todo or Not Todo Challenge

Practice can be quite a double-edged sword. Most of us know that creating long-term behaviors and skills[…]

HackTheBox: Looking Glass Web Challenge

Today we will be walking through the ‘Looking Glass’ web challenge from HackTheBox. This specific challenge is[…]

2020 Quarantine CTF

In honor of social distancing, I will be hosting a remote quarantine CTF Thursday, April 2nd, 2020[…]

Zero-Day Research: Mechanical Keyboard Finder Version 4.31

Introduction In this edition of Zero-Day Research, I happen to come across a DOM-based Cross Site Scripting Vulnerability[…]

Return to .Text

Prerequisites In this article, we are going to quickly discuss a ROP technique called ‘return to .text’[…]