About Me

As a dedicated cybersecurity and artificial intelligence researcher, my passion lies at the intersection of cutting-edge technology and security. With a robust background in Computer Science and a fervent dedication to continuous learning, I have carved a niche in researching and securing complex systems within IoT, SCADA, and AI domains.

My journey in cybersecurity is punctuated by countless Capture The Flag (CTF) competitions, where I’ve honed my skills in ethical hacking, vulnerability analysis, and cybersecurity strategies. These competitions have not only sharpened my technical acumen but also instilled a profound appreciation for teamwork, resilience, and the endless quest for knowledge.

In the realm of Artificial Intelligence, I am particularly fascinated by the security implications of AI systems. My research focuses on the dual aspects of utilizing AI to enhance security measures and, conversely, identifying and mitigating vulnerabilities inherent in AI systems themselves. This unique vantage point allows me to contribute to the development of AI applications that are not only intelligent and efficient but also robust and secure.

Beyond the thrill of discovery in IoT and SCADA systems security research, I am deeply committed to the ethical dimensions of cybersecurity. I believe in responsible disclosure, the importance of safeguarding privacy, and the imperative to use our skills for the greater good. My work is driven by the conviction that in our increasingly interconnected world, security is not just a technical challenge but a fundamental prerequisite for progress and trust.



  • Offensive Security Certified Professional | OSCP
  • GIAC Penetration Tester | GPEN
  • Red Team Apprentice Certified | RTAC
  • Certified Ethical Hacker | CEH
  • Certified Information Systems Security Professional | CISSP



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Discovered Vulnerabilities